One of the visions of CCBC Italy is to place the students at the door front of the Italian community. The students therefore shop for groceries, drink coffee, and simply live among the locals. Our desire is to see the students encounter ministry opportunities as they interact daily with the people.

What to Expect »

The Campus:  Calvary Chapel Bible College Italy is located in the small town of Montebelluna about 1 hour by train from Venice. The campus consists of a small student body comprised of students from various cultural backgrounds. They are serious about their walk with the Lord and treat the study of God’s word as the priority. Your time here will be a season to discover more about God, other cultures, and yourself as you study His Word.

The Dorms: Students are housed in apartments of 4-8 people. Each room has an average of 3 people. Each apartment has at least one dorm steward who oversees student life. Students of the opposite sex are not allowed to visit in the apartments, except at pre-approved times with supervision. Students are expected to conform to the rules outlined in the student handbook and submit to staff leadership.

Food Service: For all meals, you will buy and prepare your own food. Each apartment has a shared kitchen where all kitchen equipment, including pots, pans, plates, dishes, glasses and cutlery are provided. A food allowance is distributed the beginning of each week, with the exception of speakers’ week.

Classes: Class sizes are small therefore you will benefit from direct teacher interaction. A great emphasis is placed on allowing the Holy Spirit to direct classroom times as we study His Word together. See the Academic Info page for more information on available classes.

Outreach and Speakers’ Week: Each semester students will have the opportunity to travel elsewhere in Italy or Europe to serve the Lord in a week long outreach. These opportunities will vary each semester, but will always focus on devoting oneself to serving the Lord. Note that costs associated with outreach week are not included in the tuition.

Each semester will also provide an opportunity to get away with the entire student body to seek the Lord. This is a time when we leave school books behind and simply bring our Bibles to listen to God’s voice. We will have various pastors come and share God’s Word with us during this time. Note that Speakers’ Week is included in the tuition.

We strongly encourage you to download and read the Student Handbook to learn more about what to expect at CCBC Italy including rules, student life, and practical ministry.
Health Insurance Info »
Health Insurance Requirements (Non European Union Students)
CCBC Italy requires that students have adequate health insurance to cover any medical needs during their stay in Italy. It is important to make arrangements prior to arriving in Italy. Your two options are below.Note if you do not have insurance and you require medical care during your time in Italy, it should still be possible to visit the local doctor. However you will have to pay-out-of pocket for all care you receive. Keep in mind that emergency care can be very expensive if you do not have insurance. CCBC Italy is not liable to pay any medical expenses.

To Obtain Health Insurance:

1. Check with your existing insurance company. Your current coverage may extend to your time in Italy as a tourist. If so, ensure you bring the appropriate documentation that verifies your coverage is valid.


2. Purchase international coverage. You may purchase a separate private health insurance policy that will provide you with cover in Italy. There are special international plans available for tourists. CCBC Italy cannot recommend any specific insurers. Ensure you bring documentation of your policy.

Health Insurance Requirements (European Students)
European students should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before arriving to Italy. This card replaces the E111 and allows E.U. citizens to access emergency care at state facilities during their stay in Italy at either reduced or no costs.Note that the EHIC does not provide normal health care or repatriation. If you wish to have coverage for medical care not provided by the EHIC agreement, you will need to take out additional coverage from a private carrier.

What to Bring »

Below is a list of some of the important items to consider bringing with you. Remember to come well-prepared. But also be sensitive to the limited space in your luggage and dorm room!

•    Passport: You need a passport to enter Italy! If you don’t yet have a passport, make sure you allow enough time to obtain one before your departure.

•    Books: All of your required textbooks will need to be purchased prior to your arrival in Italy. You will be informed which books you will need depending on which classes you will take. Make sure you allow plenty of time to order your books before your departure.

•   Clothing: Italy has four seasons. Students should anticipate both sun and rain. Bring layers: T-shirts, sweaters/sweatshirts, vests, and a warm coat for winter.

•    OT/NT Survey MP3’s

•    Camera

•  ATM Card: Be sure your ATM card doesn’t expire during your time in Italy.

•    Proof of Health Insurance (if applicable)

•  MP3 Player: Listening to audio mp3s is part of required class work. Students may use the Bible College computers or their laptops to listen to the audio classes, or they may buy or bring their own portable CD player that also plays mp3 audio files.

•   Computer: If you have your own laptop or notebook computer, it would be good to bring it because we have a limited number of computers. You may use your computer’s wireless internet connection (WiFi) to connect to the internet. Do not bring a desktop computer please.

•  Medication: If you require subscription or special medication please ensure you have enough to last your entire stay in Italy. You may not be able to get the same medication here.

•  School Supplies: Bring your own school supplies or bring enough money to purchase them here.

•  Linens: Bedding is provided for you including a bottom sheet, a duvet with cover, and a pillow with a pillowcase. If you have a peculiar personal preference, bring your own sheets or pillow. One towel is provided for your use. If you desire additional bath towels or wash cloths please bring them.

Note: You will have one closet space to use and half the space under your bunk bed to store belongings. There is limited room so please do not over pack.