Ciao Tutti! Welcome to our first EVER monthly Alumni Newsletter! We have been a school for 6 years, with 12 semesters and we have had the privilege of ministering to 137 students! So we wanted to start an Alumni Newsletter to be able to connect us all together, keep you updated on  recent news of CCBC Italy, have one featured Alumni student and  feature one missionary and to encourage you all to keep praying for the special work the Lord is doing here in Montebelluna, Italy. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Dio Vi Benedica!


UPDATES: CCBC ITALY Wow!  Spring Semester 2014 flew by with so many amazing experiences!  It was so neat to see the students grow in maturity throughout the semester.  They built such strong relationships amongst themselves and with the staff.  The Lord clearly worked in their lives speaking to them about the future, bringing answers to questions about their faith, and opening amazing discipleship opportunities.

The student body thrived, having opportunities to study in-depth and then go out to put what they learned into practice.  There were four student outreach teams that went to Kosovo, Austria, Portugal, and Gran Sasso, Italy.  They had incredible opportunities to see other cultures while supporting the ministries in each place.  Some students put on a children’s ministry program while others went into schools and another team of students worked hard helping a ministry prepare for their busy season.  It is such a blessing to see the students minister to the body of Christ and reach out to the lost.

This semester was our third “Footsteps of Paul” tour, which toured the Island of Malta where Paul was shipwrecked and shared the gospel.  The students learned about Paul’s journey and the interesting history of the beautiful island on-site!  Last semester the student body went to Sicily, specifically Siracusa and saw where Paul was said to have preached and visited the church during his lifetime.  The first tour was Rome, with so much rich history.  Paul had such an amazing ministry and it brings it to life to go to the actual place where he was.

Spring '14 Graduation

We watched four wonderful ladies graduate from the full 2-year program.  To see them finish the program strong and go leave seeking the Lord’s will for their next step is what it’s all about.  In the 4 semesters of Bible College.

Now for Fall Semester 2014, we are preparing our classes and planning for our next “Footsteps of Paul” tour and all the student outreaches.  Already we have lots of students enrolled and applying and we are super excited to see what God is going to do!


My name is Federica Barrano and I’m 23 years old and I was born in Vittoria, Italy. I was raised in a Christian family but obviously if you don’t have a personal experience with God you can’t define yourself as a Christian. I came to know the Lord and decided to give my life to Him and accept Him as my personal Savior when I was 15 years old at a summer camp that my church organizes every year. In April 2010 I came to know of the Bible College after I finished High School in July, and I decided to go to the college from September 2010 to May 2012, completing the program and doing all 4 semesters there. I can say that those two years were amazing,


I grew a lot personally, because I had the opportunity to be able to live with people of different cultures and nationalities different than mine, but above everything else, I grew a lot in my spiritual walk because I was able to see clearly the hand of God in my life, how He provided for every single need and how He blessed me so greatly in every single class, every single service that we did in Church, and every Speakers Week, but above all, in every Outreach because we had the opportunity to be able to help by manual labor in different communities and blessing others with our help and they greatly blessed us with their prayers.


Fededrica Class of Fall 2012

Federica Class of Fall 2012

Now I’m continuing to serve God along side of a Christian Conference Center in Battle, England. Even though at the beginning it wasn’t the easiest to be able to get used to working here because of the different culture and language, but now it’s going great and I see how God continues to bless me so greatly. I want to encourage anyone who has thought of going to the Bible College to do this amazing experience so that you would be able to know God more and to be prepare to be able to confront every difficulty that you might encounter in your life and to be ready to talk about the Lord to someone who might not know Him.

FEATURED MISSIONARY: Marilyn Gibbs – Ukraine

Marilyn has served on the international mission field for over 20 years. The Lord has called her to such diverse countries as Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, where she currently lives.

CC Ternopil has been Marilyn’s home for seven years. She helps with church administration and hospitality, plays flute and percussion on the worship team, and oversees the book/CD ministry at the library she developed.

Marilyn (middle right)

Marilyn (middle right)

Marilyn also teaches. She teaches Bible studies to international students and with a humanitarian ministry to older adults and people with physical disabilities living on low pensions. In addition to teaching English at an English Club at the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base, Marilyn has been able to use her TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate to teach English at a local high school for the past 6 years, where she has volunteered her time as a gift to the Ukrainian people.


On July 1st, the Lord is moving Marilyn to another city in Ukraine. She will be serving at CC Mukachevo, planted one year ago by Pastor Joel and Katya Brown. Marilyn anticipates doing many of the same ministries as before but she is also looking forward to the opportunity of ministering to the Roma community in the “gypsy camps”.

Prayer Requests:

  • A smooth transition to Mukachevo and unity on the team
  • The Lord’s leading as to where He would have her serve there
  • His provision for the ministry as well as personal needs and good health

You can follow Marilyn on her blog: