Montebelluna is situated in the region of Veneto
Montebelluna is in the Region of Veneto (in red) located in northeatern part of Italy.

When you are going to purchase an airline ticket you want to fly to Venice Marco Polo (VCE).

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If you are not being picked up by someone then you will have to know how to arrive from Venice to Montebelluna on your own. To do this you will need to take one bus and one or two trains (depending on the trains running at your time of travel).

Keep in mind that an early airline arrival time provides you with more time to catch the nessesary trains to arrive in Montebelluna.

Also know that the Venice airport is not on the Island of Venice itself but in the mainland city of Mestre. So you will have to take a 20 minute bus to the actual island of Venice as step 1 describes below. You will need to have at least 5 euros for the bus and trains so it would be a good idea to exchange some money right when you arrive in the airport.

Step 1

City bus ticket (AcTV)
Just after leaving baggage claim there will be an information desk in the main lobby of the Arrival Terminal. It will be on your right-hand side just as you leave the baggage claim and enter the main lobby. Buy a city bus ticket (AcTV) for Venice Piazzale Roma. The ticket costs €1.10.

Buses departure board
Just outside of the airport you will see the bus lane along which you will see these signs telling you when the buses depart. You want to look for LINEA 5 for VENEZIA with the AcTV bus just like the photo to the right 

When you get on the bus you need to validate your bus ticket by swipping it in front of this machine.
Validation machine


Piazzale Roma
The bus line (linea 5) will take you to Piazzale Roma (shown in the photo to the left) on the Island of venice itelf and from the bus area in venice you will have to walk to the train station which located just over the bridge in the photo. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask people. In Venice you will find that there are a lot of people who speak english.

Venezia S. Lucia train station
After crossing over the bridge you will arrive to the Venezia S. Lucia train station (in the photo on the right) which will be on your left hand side. It is only a few minute walk from the bus area.

Automated ticket machine
In the main lobby of the train station you will find these automated ticket machines. Select english and follow the on-screen instructions. You wil a Quick-Choice 2nd class one way ticket to Montebelluna which should be the city number 212. You will need to click the ‘other destinations’ option on the screen to find Montebelluna’s number.

Trains departure timetable

In the station you will see this yellow poster which lists all of the trains by departure time. It is labeled by the last city the train will stop in and below it is also a list of all the cities that train will pass through. You are looking for a train that has one of its stops in TREVISO CENTRALE.

Departures board

In the main lobby of the train staion you will see a board (photo on the left) detailing all the trains which are departing. Keep in mind that the train you want will continue to a different final destination. So you wont be looking for Treviso on the board but (for exapmle) Udine, which stops in Treviso. Udine is the 2th train down on the list of departures (partenze) and next to it is the time it leaves and the platform where you can find it.

Platform number and the final destination sign
Your platform will have a sign by it telling you the platform number and the final destination city of the train that you will be taking. Notice how the photo to the left and the photo above correspond with time and platform number

Yellow ticket validation machines

Before boarding your train you need to validate the ticket in one of these yellow machines. You only need to validate it once for the whole trip.

Montebelluna train station
When you see this you know you have arrived!

You can explore train options to find the best flight arrival time by going to the website :
Example of a direct train
Example of a direct train
a train with a change in Treviso
A train with a change in Treviso