The tuition amount varies from semester to semester. Contact us for more information

This amount includes:
– Tuition
– Housing
– Weekly Food Allowance
– Majority of cost for Footsteps of Paul Tour
– Administrative Fees
– Use of Linens, etc.
The amount does not include:
– Textbooks (if required)
– Outreach Trip expenses (amount varies)
– Special Day Excursions or Supplemental fee for Footsteps of Paul Tour
Payment Info:
All payments must be paid in Euros. You may pay fees and tuition with the following methods:

1. BANK TRANSFER: Please contact us for instructions on making a bank transfer in Euros to our account.

2. PAYPAL: If you would like to pay via this method of payment, please email us and we will issue you a payment request.
Click here to calculate the current exchange rate.