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Are classes in English or Italian?
All classes are primarily taught in English, with Italian translation if needed.

What are the fees?
See the Schedule of Fees in Financial Info for a detailed description of all fees and refund policy.

What does the tuition include?
The tuition includes academic fees, housing for the full semester, registration fee, and a food allowance of €30 per week which is distributed every other Tuesday. Additionally, flights and transportation to and from Montebelluna are not included.

Do European Union students receive a reduced tuition?
We offer scholarships for students from E.U. countries to encourage attendance. Please contact us for more information.

How can I pay my fees?
See Financial Info for payment information.

How can I withdrawal money from my U.S. account when I’m there?
The best way is to use your ATM card. You often get the best exchange rate this way. You may want to check the foreign ATM fee and maximum daily limit abroad before leaving. You also may want to notify your bank before leaving as sometimes banks block cards due to suspicious foreign activity. Traveller’s Checks are not recommended.

How is food provided?
At present, CCBC Italy does not offer a dining hall facility. Every student is therefore responsible for his/her own food preparation. Student accommodations have fully equipped kitchens. Students are given €30 per week to be used for their own food purchases. Occasionally group meals and special events take place that center around meals.

Can I arrive early or stay later?
We recommend you arrive 2 to 3 days before the start of the semester and plan on departing within 2 to 3 days after the final day of classes. You may only arrive or depart beyond this time frame if you have prior approval from us. Stays outside the normal semester dates are subject to an accommodation charge.

Do I need health insurance?
CCBC Italy requires that you possess valid health insurance during your stay in Italy to cover any unexpected medical needs. It is each student’s responsibility to ensure the coverage is valid and adequate. Please read additional information about health insurance on the What To Expect page .

Where is the campus located?
CCBC Italy is located in the city of Montebelluna and is in fellowship with Calvary Chapel Montebelluna. A main part of campus life, therefore, revolves around the life of the established group of believers in Montebelluna. Part of the vision of CCBC Italy is to put its students in the mission field. Therefore you will have regular interaction with Italian life. Although there are breathtaking places surrounding Montebelluna to enjoy peace and God’s creation, much of your day to day life at CCBC Italy will be in the city and among its people. This is by design.

What is housing like?
CCBC Italy is a new campus still under development. Students live in bible college apartments and share bedrooms with other bible college students. Males and females are divided into apartments that are near the church and classrooms.

Are all of the classes live?
The desire is to offer all classes live. We will offer digital classes when a student requires a specific class to graduate and we either are not offering that class or there is a conflict of schedule. In cases where digital classes are offered, the student’s progress is monitored and assessed by one of the teachers.

Who are the teachers?
All the teachers are missionaries that have been serving throughout Europe. Together they bring decades of practical experience and lessons from the Lord to the classroom. Their desire is to be used by the Lord in the life of the students for the purpose of growing closer to Jesus.

Where are the students from?
This will vary semester to semester. Many students will be from around the United States. Other students will come from around the European Union. The vision is to see the number of Italian students grow.

Will I be able to travel around Europe during the semester?
One of the advantages of Montebelluna’s location is that it is in the center of Europe. France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia are all just a few hours away. Venice is less than an hour away. There will therefore be a big desire to travel while you are here. Whereas we encourage students to travel, we also treat your study in God’s Word as the priority. We therefore will not approve travel that conflicts with your studies or that forces you to miss class. We also will not approve travel plans that are unsafe or unwise.

I have already been on an outreach at another campus, will I have to do an outreach during my time at CCBC Italy?
All students are required to participate in outreach week regardless of previous outreach experience. If students do not wish to travel on outreach week due to financial restrictions, opportunity will be given to conduct outreaches in Montebelluna. Outreach week should not be considered a “free week” if you already have been on an outreach.

Can I bring my laptop and other electrical devices?
Laptops’ power adapters from the U.S. are designed to work in Europe. Ensure their input ranges up to 240V. You will need a U.S. to Europe plug converter. We do not recommend you bring devices such as hair dryers or curling irons due to the different voltage.